Through Supply Chain Shortages, GSS Continues to Deliver

The events that have transpired over the last year have led to some of the most emphatic issues in United States history. None more important than the supply chain shortages currently unfolding across the country. 

For months, every channel of supply from retail stores to grocers has seen a steady delay in the timeliness of delivery and availability of essential items. Industries of all nature have taken hits larger than any since the great depression, and simply getting a product delivered through FedEx has become an unbearable nightmare. 

A perfect storm of COVID-19 problems and enormous demands has led us to this crossroads. Yet, through this, Government Supply Services has continued to deliver high-quality products in a timely manner to all of its customers. 

Here are a few reasons why GSS has outlasted one of the most demanding trials in our nation’s history. 

Our One-of-a-Kind Process

GSS is a facilities supplier that has served businesses of all kinds throughout the country since 2009. We have not seen our success without challenges, just like the U.S. is seeing this year. 

To bring our consumers the best quality products promptly, we use state-of-the-art technology through our eCommerce website. This process provides a streamlined and personal shopping experience that can guarantee next-day delivery to more than 97% of the country. 

The robust online tools we utilize will help you discover what products your business needs and get you on with your day. 

Perhaps more important than any online tool, our friendly staff has the know-how to assist you through any issues and ensure there are no surprises ever. Thanks to our determined process, we have continued to deliver on all of these promises even during the most significant supply chain shortages in history. 

Experience Matters

GSS has been serving government agencies and diverse small businesses of all sizes. There is no shortcut to expertise in industry climates, profitable products, and reliable sourcing. 

No matter if you own a sizeable consulting agency or work in a government building, most people have dealt with inexperience becoming a problem. For over a decade, we have failed, learned, and failed again. Throughout those tough times, we learned how to provide you with the best supplies in the world the right way. 

Quality Products

It goes without saying that having products that last is of the utmost importance. By teaming up with distributors like Granger, we are committed to providing our consumers with supplies that have been inspected and tested. 

We offer a variety of brands from 3M to Samsung at reasonable prices. By offering these well-known brands, we are showing your our stamp of approval from some of the most excellent companies in the world. If they are willing to let us distribute their products, you should have no problem buying them. 

How GSS Can Help You

We know how difficult this year has been for everyone. If your business or place of employment needs supplies of any kind, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need one box of first aid equipment or full truckloads of security gear, we have taken pride in sourcing the finest quality items possible. 

We provide a massive selection of over 1 million products from our trusted distributor alliance partners such as Staples and the U.S.Government. Call us today at (855) 477-5528 to place your order.