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Sterilization Chamber/Autoclave Cleaning

At Government Supply Services, we believe sterilization chambers need to be cleaner than any other part of the hospital. This is the last process before the instrument trays go back to surgery. Our process can save you time and operating costs and limit your risk of patient infection.

Over time, minerals and boiler chemicals in the water supply that is used to generate steam can form deposits on to the surface of your sterilizer or autoclave. This, combined with contamination from oxidation, detergents, stickers and auto clave tape, creates a buildup of surface deposits that may flake off causing wet packs. These deposits act like an insulator, absorbing heat, which causes uneven sterilization chamber heating. This means it takes longer to create proper temperatures, which increases your utility cost. Even more expensive, your staff costs go up because they have to sterilize instruments more than once. Finally, the risk of patient infection is small, but even one lawsuit can cost hospitals and clinics millions of dollars.

Our cleaning process involves putting up a wall to ensure the chamber cleaning area is a closed, contained environment. We physically get into the chamber and use a combination chemical-mechanical method that safely removes the unsightly deposits that build up on the chamber. A typical unit takes 2-3 hours to clean depending on the condition of the unit. Sterilization chambers should be cleaned at a minimum of twice per year. Even on a tight budget, chamber cleaning on a regular budget is affordable, both operating room autoclaves and central sterilizers can be cleaned on the same day. This keeps your staff working and your sterilization schedule moving smoothly.

Government Supply Services already service VA medical facilities in central Arkansas. We have a fully equipped team ready to work around your schedule including nights and weekends.